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Don Maclary 

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Don Maclary has over 15 years of experience in real estate.

We see why to many people put off setting a real estate goal. Years of opportunity can easily slip through your fingers, causing you to Miss out on one of the keys to retiring comfortably. A delayed start will most likely delay when you can retire.

A Quote from A Multiple Transaction Customer:

“ Don Maclary is a fabulous realtor! If you want someone who can get into your head and figure out exactly what you are looking for, he’s your man. We’ve had over 20 transactions, and all of them made me money. Amazing! He sold one of my properties for $150,000.00 on the first day it was offered! Full price, all cash. Don is self-motivated, resourceful, imaginative, mature, and tireless. He has a reputation for having integrity. Don wants to please and satisfy his clients’ needs and desires. His goal is to find at least one home that is perfect for each client. (He usually found more than one for me, everytime.) And what a negotiator! If you are looking for a realtor you can trust, who will do his best to find the perfect home for you, DON MACLARY is your man.”

-Carol S.

Don is a Realtor who is no stranger to real estate. His customers are from all over the United States and recommendations from devotees of Don. He has an out-of-the box personality and ability to think creatively. Don’s way of thinking is I HAVE NO BOX! His demeanor has most certainly played a large part in his remarkable success and stellar reputation as a Realtor.

Don began by rehabbing houses many years ago, as a single dad raising a five- year- old girl and a seven- year- old boy in Savannah, Georgia. As well as being a successful Realtor, he was also able to spend time with his children to enable them to both achieve swimming scholarships. Don was then and most definitely is now, a take-charge, do your very best, and do whatever it takes individual. He possesses a strong ethical, upstanding character and a has a sense of humor mixed in.